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How Much Does a Heat Pump Repair Cost in Texas?

The price of a heat pump repairin the Lone Star state averages out to about $255. But sure’nuff, you’re bound to see prices above and below that average, too. 

Bottom line, you could pay as little as $87.00 and as much as $1,400 for a heat pump repair in Texas

Paying $1,400 for a heat pump repair would make us madder than a wet hen. But it happens! And you deserve to know why it could happen. 

Three price factors typically affect the cost of a heat pump repair:

  • The parts that need to be repaired/replaced
  • The status of a heat pump’s warranties
  • The contractor hired to perform the repairs

We’ll review each of these price factors below. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of what to budget for a standard heat pump repair. You’ll also know why some contractors charge more for heat pump repairs than others. 


By the way: A price range for a heat pump repair is one thing. A precise quote for how much your heat pump repair will cost is something else entirely. Only after an in-home assessment can a contractor give you a precise quote for your heat pump repairs. 

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Price Factor #1: The parts that need to be repaired / replaced

When a heat pump breaks down, it’s usually a specific part that’s to blame, and not the entire heat pump. That’s an important fact when it comes to pricing out a heat pump repair, because the parts required for a repair has the biggest impact on the total cost. 

Why does the part in question impact the total cost? Three reasons:

  • Cost of manufacturer parts: Some parts cost more to purchase from the manufacturer. So if an expensive part breaks down, it will cost more to replace. 
  • Part location: Some parts are hard to get to, requiring more labor hours from a technician before a repair is complete. 
  • Number of broken parts: Sometimes more than one part needs to be replaced or repaired, which can also increase the cost. 

This cost factor is also the reason why HVAC contractors can’t provide a quote for a heat pump repair without looking at the equipment first. Sure, contractors can make an educated guess about the cause after listening to the homeowner talk about the problem. But that guess has to be confirmed before an estimate is delivered. 

Price Factor #2: The status of a heat pump’s warranties

Warranties protect homeowners from paying out of pocket for certain repair costs. A heat pump with an active warranty will cost less to repair than a heat pump with an expired or invalidated warranty

Homeowners should be aware of two types of heat pump warranties: parts warranties and labor warranties.

Parts warranties

A parts warranty protects homeowners from paying out of pocket for individual parts that need to be repaired or replaced. For example, if a heat pump’s compressor fails and the heat pump has an active parts warranty, then the homeowner won’t be charged for the part. 

Parts warranties may expire after 1-10 years, depending on the manufacturer. Most manufacturers also let homeowners purchase extended warranties. So your warranty may extend out even further. 

Also, even if your warranty hasn’t expired, there’s still a chance it may have been invalidated. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Installation of a heat pump by an unlicensed technician (always make sure your install techs are licensed and insured!)
  • Not meeting the manufacturer’s requirements of at least 1 yearly tune-up
  • Not registering the new heat pump with the manufacturer within a specified time frame.
  • The addition of parts within a heat pump which are not manufacturer-approved.

Not sure whether your heat pump parts warranty is valid? You can find out contacting the heat pump manufacturer and giving them the unit’s serial number and model (usually found on the outdoor unit).

Labor warranties

A labor warranty protects homeowners from paying out of pocket for the cost of labor during a repair. For example, if a refrigerant leak takes an hour to repair and the homeowner is covered by a labor warranty, that homeowner won’t have to pay for that hour of labor.

Labor warranties may last anywhere from 1 to 5 years, although some companies offer extended labor warranties that go beyond 5 years. 

Not sure if your current labor warranty is expired? The company that installed the heat pump should have your answer. 

Price Factor #3: The contractor hired to perform the repairs

Labor costs can make up a significant portion of your total repair bill. Total labor for the job should equal the number of hours worked times the hourly labor rate of the contractor. 

So if a fictional repair company takes two hours to complete a job and the rate is $10 per hour, the homeowner will pay $20 total for labor (unless they have a valid labor warranty of course, in which case, it’s free!)

The next question is, why would some contractors charge more for their labor than others? A few reasons for this include:

  • Reliability: The contractor is well known in their community and has a reputation for doing good work. If a company has great reviews and has proven themselves time and again, they tend to be in higher demand (which may increase their labor costs). 
  • Experience: The more years of experience a contractor has, the higher their labor rates. And this makes a lot of sense. Less can go wrong when you hire an experienced contractor. And that can save the homeowner both time and money later on down the road. 
  • Certifications: An HVAC company which is licensed and insured will likely charge more for their labor than a company which hasn’t taken these important steps. 

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