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How Much Does an AC Repair Cost in Texas?

The cost to repair an air conditioner in the Texas area ranges anywhere from $100 to over $1,000.

We know, that’s a pretty wide range. But it’s hard to estimate how much you’ll pay for your AC repair because there are so many factors that affect the price.

To help you budget for your upcoming repair, though, we’ll discuss the following 4 AC repair cost factors:

  • The age of your AC system
  • The part that needs to be repaired/replaced
  • Whether or not your warranty is valid
  • The contractor you choose


For a down-to-the-penny AC repair price estimate, you’ll need a professional to come out and diagnose your AC system. If you’re ready for a precise quote, just contact us. We offer honest, upfront quotes that are backed by our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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4 factors that determine the price of an AC repair

1. The age of your AC system

Air conditioners don’t last forever. In fact, the average lifespan of a central air conditioning system is around 15 years. 

Typically, the older the AC system, the more expensive the repair.

That’s because as ACs age, they experience wear and tear. And an AC that’s older is more likely to have multiple parts fail and need repairs.

But, of course, the cost of the repair is also dictated by which parts need repair or replacement, which leads us to the next cost factor….

2. The part that needs to be repaired or replaced

An AC system has hundreds of individual parts that work together to cool your home. Those individual parts all range in complexity, which means the cost to repair or replace them varies.

Below is a list of common AC parts and the average cost to replace them:

  • Outdoor fan motor: $250-$500+
  • Indoor blower motor: $250-$700+
  • Circuit board: $200 to $700
  • Evaporator coil: $900-$2,000+
  • Compressor: $900-$2,500+
  • Refrigerant line (repairing a leak and recharging system): $250-$900+

The prices above include both the cost of the replacement part plus the cost of labor to replace them.

3. Whether or not your warranty is valid

Every air conditioner is sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is designed to cover the cost of major AC components that are defective and need to be replaced. Every AC warranty varies in what it covers and how long it lasts but typically these warranties last for 5 to 10 years. 

If your AC manufacturer’s warranty is still valid, your overall repair cost may be lower.

Heads up, though, a lot of homeowners unknowingly void their manufacturer’s warranty. 

For example, you can accidentally void your AC warranty if:

  • You didn’t register your AC with the manufacturer within a certain time frame after it was installed (typically there’s a 6-month timeframe but this varies according to the manufacturer)
  • You don’t have your AC regularly maintained by a licensed tech
  • Your AC was ever repaired with “off-brand” replacement parts

Not sure if your AC warranty is still valid? You can either check with the contractor who installed your system or contact a local branch of your manufacturer (i.e. Trane, Lennox, etc). 

4. The contractor that you choose

Every contractor will charge slightly different prices for your AC repair. Typically, the more experienced and skilled contractors will charge more for their services.

Don’t be put off by slightly higher repair estimates, though. You’re much better off in the long run going with a contractor who charges slightly more but will get the job done right the first time around.

But of course, don’t assume all higher-priced contractors are high-quality. Instead, make sure that you “vet” a contractor thoroughly before choosing them to perform your AC repair by:

  • Verifying they’re licensed and insured
  • Checking the company’s online reviews (i.e. their Google My Business reviews)
  • Ensuring that they offer upfront price quotes, in writing

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