HVAC Services in Bellmead, TX

The last thing you want on a hot day is for your home’s cooling system to let you down. Evergreen Heating and Cooling is here to help you install the best HVAC equipment and avoid repairs when you need them most with our preventative services. We can handle all of your home’s heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality repair, tune-up, and installation needs.

Signs That You May Need to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Here are a few signs that it’s time to call our team of heating and cooling pros.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your cooling system switches on and off before completing a full cycle or reaching a set temperature. If this happens, there could be an internal fault inside the system that prevents it from functioning properly.

Uneven Cooling

Do some areas of your Bellmead home feel warmer or cooler than others? If so, there could be a blockage in the airflow, which is causing cool air to be distributed unevenly.

You Feel Warm Air 

Can you feel warm air coming out of your cooling system? Your unit could be broken or overheating as a result of an internal fault. It’s best to switch your system off until we can provide it with AC repair services.

Your System is Over 10 Years Old

If your unit is over 10 years old, it may be time to start thinking about getting a new system, as your existing one may have reached the end of its useful life.

Strange Sounds or Noises

Can you hear strange sounds or noises emanating from your AC unit? There could be a broken part stuck inside. If left unchecked, this could lead to further deterioration or damage.

Frequent Repairs

Does your system keep breaking down despite frequent repairs? If that’s the case, it may be time to start thinking about getting a replacement. Otherwise, the costs of professional air conditioning repair services can, over time, actually exceed the price of a new system.

Heating Services from Evergreen

Sometimes, your heating system will need repairs to last all summer long. Here are just a few of the signs there could be a problem with your heating at home.

High Energy Bills

Have your energy bills suddenly shot up even though you haven’t used your HVAC system more at home? The likely cause is a faulty heating system, which draws excessive current from your home without generating any extra heat.

Strange Noises and Vibrations

Hear something odd coming from the heating? There could be a broken part inside your heating system, or one of the pipes could be blocked, causing the system to fail. 

Unpleasant Smells

Is there a strange or unpleasant smell coming from your furnace or heating system? This could result from a leak or the heating system being overloaded you should get this checked out urgently before further damage is caused.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Bellmead, Texas

Evergreen provides the highest quality heating and air conditioning services in Bellmead, Texas, and the surrounding Central Texas areas. We’re proud to offer the following IAQ services to our customers when you call us for an appointment.

Air Cleaners

Polluted air in your home can lead to respiratory infections, headaches, and dizziness. Our team can install a whole house air cleaner that will strip the air in your home of harmful contaminants and allow you to breathe easier.


If you notice excess humidity in your home, we can install a dehumidifier for you. A dehumidifier will ensure the moisture in your Bellmead home is regulated to a comfortable level and reduce the moisture that can attach to your walls and cause mold.

Duct Cleaning

If it’s not cleaned regularly, your HVAC system provides the ideal breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and other air contaminants to thrive, positing a risk to your health. We can clean your air ducts, helping to remove dust and bacteria and ensuring your system will continue to run smoothly.

Duct Sealing

As much as 20% of your air conditioning power is wasted due to leaks, holes, and poor connections. Our team of technicians can survey your system’s air ducts and make repairs where necessary to ensure your AC is running at full capacity.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from Evergreen

If you’re tired of having to fork out money for repairs unexpectedly, consider enrolling in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from Evergreen to get our top-quality HVAC services at an affordable price.

For a fixed annual fee, we’ll provide your Bellmead, TX, home with two maintenance services each year, and you’ll also receive 20% off all repairs we conduct. What’s more, you’ll get $200 off duct cleaning and a $50 loyalty credit when you purchase accessories through us.

If something happens to your HVAC system after normal business hours, you can get after-hours calls at regular rates. Monthly payment options are also available. You can also add more than one system to the plan.

With our maintenance plan, you’ll save money on repairs and have peace of mind that your cooling system will be in top condition year-round.

Why Choose Evergreen for HVAC Services in Bellmead?

If you need heating and cooling services in the Bellmead, TX area, choose Evergreen. We’re a full-service HVAC and electrical company that can handle any issues with your HVAC unit. Our team of qualified and certified technicians has years of experience in the business and has built a reputation with clients to deliver top-quality HVAC services. 

Don’t hesitate another day schedule a service with us today to ensure your home has a properly functioning HVAC system to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the year.

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