Trim the Ducts, But Keep the Comfort

When Texas’ temperatures heat up, so does your home. Thankfully, Evergreen Heating and Cooling can help shade you from these escalated temperatures with our powerful ductless mini-split air conditioners.

Not only do ductless mini splits help you create a cooler home environment, but their ductless nature gives you more control over your home comfort, too. That’s because these mini-split air conditioning systems are designed to provide chilled relief exactly where you need it and only where you need it. So branch out from your traditional air conditioner with our powerful and cost-efficient mini splits.

”Leaf” the Ducts Behind

Whether you’re looking to cool that added space in your home or trying to gain greater control of your overall comfort, consider our ductless mini-split system. This unit’s small structure makes for an easy installation, simple operation and, best of all, plants the seed for some serious savings. You see, rather than cooling your entire home, this system only chills the rooms you use for more controlled comfort and less wasted energy. Each room or “zone” in your home has its own indoor air handling unit that allows you to cool each space individually.

Even more, ductless systems directly weed out the harmful airborne particles, dust, and allergens that cling to the air ducts of a traditional HVAC system and gnaw away at the health of your home. This is guaranteed to cultivate a cleaner home environment and bloom into perpetual breaths of clean indoor air.

Planting the Ductless Seed

Choosing to go ductless with the installation of a ductless air conditioner reduces your high energy bills and eliminates harmful pollutants in your home, all while nurturing a cool and comfortable environment. Now that’s a win-win. However, a dependable system installation of your mini split system and indoor air handlers is crucial if you want to attain all of these benefits and more. So to do this, turn to Texas’ trusted HVAC technicians.

You see, trusting Evergreen’s professionals to install your ductless AC unit guarantees that your unit will be properly sized for the space you want to cool and that the installation will be done flawlessly. This means your system will deliver powerful chilled relief without having to overwork or short cycle. Ultimately, it will protect your budget from costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your system.

But our team doesn’t stop there. We will care for your ductless mini-split system for the duration of its lifespan, too. Through our seasonal maintenance services and frequent unit checkups, our technicians will thoroughly examine your system and its parts to dig up any potential issues. Then, depending on what we unearth, we will tend to your unit’s needs by cleaning, repairing, and replacing any parts that are withering away. Best of all, we make it more affordable—and convenient—to keep up with the health of your ductless system through our preventative maintenance plan. Get in touch with us to see how our maintenance tree can make the health of your system grow.

Digging Up Swift Repairs

Your ductless system works tirelessly to ward off Texas’ heat. After a while, this continuous operation digs at the health of your system and causes problems to emerge. Thankfully, Evergreen will nip your ductless system’s need for a repair in the bud right away with our emergency AC repair services. We are ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that your unit is repaired swiftly and that your home continues to bloom cool comfort—rain or shine.


Trimming away your air conditioner’s ducts eliminates efficiency loss and cultivates more controlled and everlasting chilled relief. To experience the Evergreen difference, fill out our online form, or call us at 254.282.0372 today!

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