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Most homeowners are familiar with a furnace or air conditioner, but did you know there is another type of heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) system that provides both hot and cold air to your Texas home?

Evergreen Heating & Cooling offers exceptional air handler installation in Waco, Texas, and the surrounding areas. We’re eager to transform your indoor environment into an oasis of comfort. Contact our team of expert installers today!


What is an Air Handler?

An air handler serves as the heart of your HVAC system. It is responsible for regulating both indoor temperature and air quality. 

Composed of a blower, filter racks, dampers, and sound attenuators, an air handler unit ensures the smooth circulation of conditioned or heated air throughout your Waco home. Operating seamlessly with your existing HVAC equipment, air handlers play a pivotal role in maintaining comfortable living spaces.

During the summer, the air handler collaborates with your AC unit, cooling the air before circulating it through the ducts. In winter, it integrates with the heating system and works in reverse to warm the air.

It’s most known for its versatility, as it not only maintains temperatures as an HVAC system but also works as an indoor air quality (IAQ) system. Air handlers can filter out impurities from your indoor air as it blows through the unit. Additionally, the air handler’s dampers allow for zone control, meaning different rooms can be set at different temperatures according to individual preferences.



The Benefits of Installing a New Air Handler

Upgrading to a new air handler with help from Evergreen Heating & Cooling’s professional installation team offers a multitude of advantages, including:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

A new air handler operates more efficiently, optimizing the energy consumption of your HVAC system. This efficiency translates into significant cost savings on your energy bills, making your home both eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Modern air handlers come with advanced filtration systems that effectively remove dust, allergens, and other pollutants from the air. By taking advantage of our air handler installation, you ensure that your family breathes clean, fresh air all year long.

Consistent Comfort

With precise temperature control and advanced zoning options, a new air handler ensures consistent comfort in every corner of your home. No more hot or cold spots or inconsistencies in your heating or cooling.

Quieter Operation

Air handlers are designed with noise reduction features, ensuring whisper-quiet operation. That way you can enjoy your home without the disturbance of a noisy HVAC system.

Increased System Reliability

Investing in an air handler means you’ll have a more reliable system that requires fewer repairs, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind and uninterrupted airflow.

Contact Evergreen Heating & Cooling today to take the first step toward energy savings and greater system efficiency with our air handler installation.



Our Air Handler Installation Service

At Evergreen Heating & Cooling, we offer top-of-the-line air handler installation so you can rest easy knowing the job was done right from the start.

As a locally owned HVAC company, we understand the importance of reliable heating and cooling in the brutal Waco, Texas, summers, and increasingly temperamental winters. That’s why we equip our certified technicians with the most cutting-edge installation equipment and industry-leading training so they can tackle all the challenges of a new air handler installation.

Since air handlers interact with your existing HVAC systems, such as your ductwork, it’s important that you hire a professional, like an Evergreen HVAC technician, to complete the job with an expert hand and a highly skilled eye.

Call us today to schedule your air handler installation.



How to Protect Your Investment

Purchasing any new HVAC or IAQ equipment can be a hefty financial investment. At Evergreen Heating & Cooling, we offer the following services to help you ensure your new air handler performs at its best for many years to come.


Our skilled technicians specialize in prompt solutions to keep your system running flawlessly. Immediate air handler repair is not only vital for restoring your indoor comfort but also for safeguarding your new unit’s long-term operation. With our fast and affordable repair services, you’re new heating & cooling equipment will run efficiently all year round.


We also offer meticulous air handler maintenance to help extend your system’s lifespan to its fullest. Regular maintenance not only ensures peak efficiency but also reduces the risk of potential issues that would call for repair. Our skilled technicians recommend scheduling air handler maintenance on a bi-annual basis, as your unit runs through every season.

At Evergreen Heating & Cooling, we offer our premium Comfort Club Maintenance Plan to homeowners who want to optimize their HVAC system care. For $179 per year per system or as little as $15 per month, you’ll receive an air handler tune up twice a year, as well as discounts on repairs and no additional charges for emergency service calls.



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Don’t let old, outdated HVAC equipment keep you from enjoying your indoor spaces to the fullest. Evergreen Heating & Cooling offers trustworthy air handler installation for every resident of Waco, TX, and the surrounding areas. From our quality HVAC repair and maintenance to our indoor air quality solutions, we can protect your family’s safety and satisfaction from all sides. Contact Evergreen Heating & Cooling to schedule your next installation today.

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