Air Conditioning Maintenance

Protect Your Foliage

Nothing damages your peace of mind more than the thought of your home losing its cool during Texas’ scorching heat. Luckily, you can bury your comfort-loss worries—for good. So to protect your air conditioner’s foliage, rely on Evergreen Heating and Cooling’s AC maintenance services.

Evergreen’s trustworthy HVAC contractors have the expertise and green thumbs your system needs to make its performance bloom. So, from an AC unit checkup to thorough seasonal maintenance, our technicians will dig to your air conditioner’s roots to unearth any of its wilting parts. Then, we will tend to your system with the TLC it needs to harvest increased operating efficiency and perpetual cool comfort that blooms all season long.

The Grounds for Protection

Money doesn’t grow on trees. And since your air conditioner is an investment, it’s worth protecting. But to do this, you must unearth your cooling system’s true wellbeing. Then, based on what is dug up, it’s important to repair, replace, clean or provide a little TLC to any of its inadequate parts. This will clear the path to more dependable performance, weed away costly repairs, heighten your unit’s operation and cost efficiency, and extend your air conditioner’s lifespan.

So, if you’d like your air conditioner to bloom perpetual reliability and consistent chilled relief, then turn to Evergreen.

Dig Up Your Unit’s True Wellbeing

Texas’ heat can take a toll on your air conditioner, sending its health up a tree. Luckily, Evergreen’s air conditioning maintenance services are designed to give your system the healthy foundation it needs to, once again, plant its performance firmly on the ground.

It’s proven the most reliable HVAC units are the ones that receive the best care. That’s why our comfort specialists provide your system with the root-to-treetop inspection it needs. This includes:

  • Calibrating your unit’s thermostat
  • Measuring its refrigerant charge
  • Cleaning or replacing the filter
  • Checking & tightening all electrical connections
  • Lubricating motors
  • Cleaning the condenser coil & condensate drain line
  • Checking the system’s operation
  • …And so much more!

With our company’s commitment to keeping your home comfortable, you can count on us to uproot your air conditioner’s wilting parts and dig up any system problems to cultivate an air conditioner that works like new.

Make Your System’s Performance Grow Skywards

It’s time to take back control of your home comfort from Mother Nature—and Evergreen’s AC maintenance services can help. Our technicians put emphasis on maintaining your unit’s wellbeing because the more TLC a unit receives the more reliably it performs. So, in order to operate an air conditioner whose performance is in full bloom, you need to stay closely rooted with its true wellbeing.

But as a Texas resident, you’re in luck. That’s because our HVAC company has made it easier—and more affordable—to tend to your unit’s wellbeing through our preventative maintenance plan. Check out our maintenance tree here and watch as the health of your system grows.

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