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Residents of Belton, TX know that the area can get surprisingly cold when the winter months arrive. The coldest days of the year require homes to have high-efficiency heating systems installed to keep families safe and comfortable. When heating issues arise, turn to the experts at Evergreen Heating and Cooling. Our team is backed by decades of industry knowledge and experience, and we’re committed to serving you as best as we can.

Signs of Heating System Issues

While some heating system issues are easy to identify, others are much less obvious. By learning about possible heating issues and paying close attention to your system, you can discover issues before they become more serious and expensive to fix. Contact the professionals at Evergreen if you notice any of the following potential heating issues:

Lack of Heat

The most common and easy-to-identify sign of heating issues is a complete lack of heat. Your heating system’s job, after all, is to provide your home with heat, and if it’s not doing so, it will need to be repaired. The root cause of the issue can be anything from a clogged air filter to ignition problems, so have a professional inspect your system so it can be properly diagnosed. From there, your HVAC technician can provide you with the right service in order to restore heat to your home.

Short Cycling

Your heating system heats your home in cycles, meaning that it runs for roughly 10-15 minutes before shutting off for a few minutes, and then turning back on to start another cycle. When the system isn’t working properly, it might run for a few minutes and then shut off before it’s heated your home enough to maintain its current temperature. If your system is constantly starting and stopping cycles, this is referred to as “short cycling.” A short cycling heating system will fail to meet your home’s heating requirements, so have a professional inspect and repair your system.

Strange Smells

Outside of turning the system on for the first time each year, you shouldn’t notice any smells coming from your heating system. However, if you’re consistently noticing musty odors leaving your vents, there are likely internal issues within your heating system that will need to be addressed. Contact Evergreen to have heating system repairs performed in Belton, TX.

Loud Noises

You might hear your heating system make some noises right after it starts a new cycle. However, constant screeching, grinding, and banging noises are not normal. These often signal that parts within the heating system have broken or become loose. Schedule heating repair services today to have your system inspected and repaired before further issues occur.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Is your home especially dusty or dirty this winter season? If so, it can be a sign of HVAC system issues, as your unit is responsible for regulating air quality, in addition to providing warm temperatures. 

Replace your system’s air filters to see if this does the trick. If not, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for heating repair services.

Cold Spots in the Home

If some areas of your home are the perfect temperature, while others seem to be a few degrees cooler, it might be caused by poor airflow. While poor airflow can certainly be the culprit, poor home insulation can also cause cold spots, so make sure to have a professional come out to your home and determine the underlying cause of the cold spots.


Help Prevent Future Issues With Annual Heating System Maintenance

Heating systems require annual maintenance in order to keep things working properly and repair any minor issues that could grow quickly. If maintenance is neglected for too long, issues can develop that otherwise wouldn’t if maintenance had been performed on time. During maintenance, your system will be inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and tested. Any minor issues that are discovered during maintenance can be quickly repaired to ensure that they do not grow.

Maintenance should typically be performed before you turn on the system for the first time each season, though there is never a bad time for maintenance if the system has already been used this winter. Schedule heating system maintenance with the professionals at Evergreen today.


Why Evergreen Heating and Cooling?

Evergreen Heating and Cooling is proud to serve the residents of Belton, TX. We work with all types of heating systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits. Our team is backed by decades of experience, and we work hard to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our customers. Contact us today for heating repair, installation, and maintenance services in the Belton, TX area.


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No matter the issue that your heating system is experiencing, we’ll apply our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for heating repair services in Belton, TX.


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