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Your home is your serenity garden. It’s here you can truly escape whatever Texas’ weather throws your way. But the key to maintaining your home’s coziness is to keep up with your heating and cooling systems’ needs. So, whether you’re in need of a system installation, replacement, repair or unit checkup, turn to the HVAC company that can help you attain the deep-rooted comfort you crave—and that’s Evergreen Heating and Cooling. You see, our professionals have the green thumb that’s needed to deliver superior heating and air conditioning services and everlasting peace of mind.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Put your home comfort worries to bed with Evergreen’s 24-hour emergency service. No matter the time or the complexity of the service, you can bet our dedicated team is available to tend to your home comfort needs. That’s because, unlike the competition, our professionals are perpetually committed to keeping your home comfortable.

Central Air Conditioning

Plant the seed for long-lasting chilled relief with our central air conditioning services. Our reliable cooling systems harvest whole-home contentment that’s guaranteed to ward off Texas’ intense heat and make those hot summer months sweat-free—literally.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

If you’re looking to leave the ducts and the hassle behind—but keep the comfort—then look no further. Our ductless mini-split systems are designed to give you more control over how you choose to cool your home. Choosing to install this controllable air conditioning solution is guaranteed to dig up a more comfortable home and, of course, some serious savings.

Heating System Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Don’t catch a chill from Texas’ cooler weather. Instead, warm up to winter’s lower temperatures with Evergreen’s trustworthy heating services. So whether you’re looking for a heater installation, a unit repair or in-depth system maintenance, our professionals can help you keep your home toasty and warm—no matter what.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is the HVAC industry’s hybrid solution for ultimate home comfort. That’s because these versatile systems are capable of delivering powerful yet affordable heating and cooling to keep you, your home and your budget cozy—all year long.


Fire up your home comfort with the superior, whole-home heating solution: a furnace. This system radiates warmth from room to room to deliver unrivaled coziness for total comfort. Best of all, our furnaces harvest total comfort in an efficient manner to bury both your high utility bills and your comfort-loss worries.

Custom HVAC Design & Installation for New Homes

Whether you’re putting on an addition or building an entirely new home, now is the perfect time to customize your comfort. This means creating, and then installing, a custom HVAC system that’s guaranteed to thrive at the root of your home and blossom into complete serenity.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

Making your heating or cooling system’s performance blossom takes tending to its wellbeing. This means providing your unit with the thorough maintenance care it needs to continuously work as vibrantly as it did when it was first planted in your home. And now you can. Through Evergreen’s preventative maintenance plan, you can keep your system’s operation in full bloom without weeding away your budget. See how our maintenance plan can help you retain your system’s wellbeing and save a few.

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Evergreen’s team is passionate about helping Texas homeowners harvest a more comfortable home. That’s why we deliver superior heating and air conditioning solutions. So, to experience the Evergreen difference, fill out our online form or call us at 254.537.9067 today!

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