McGregor, TX Heat Pump Installation

Residents of McGregor, TX, know just how unbearable the hot summers and cold winters can be. With such drastic changes in hot and cold weather, how can you prepare your home and be ready for the winter or summer months? The best way to start is a high-quality heating and cooling system. However, some homeowners might not know that you can install an affordable heating and cooling system in as little as a day. 

This heating and cooling system is known as a heat pump system, and we at Evergreen Heating and Cooling can help you see why this is one of the best systems for your home in McGregor, TX!

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that has the unique ability to both heat and cool your home using air from the outside of your home. This is known as an air source heat pump, and it works by taking the air from outside of your home and transferring heat to and from your home.

Some heat pumps can also take heat energy from the ground, known as a ground source heat pump, or even from surrounding bodies of water, known as water source heat pumps. Our HVAC technicians will let you know what the best type of heat pump will be for your home and work to provide you with the best heat pump installation services so you can begin to experience better temperatures right away.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

There are two units with a heat pump, including an indoor and outdoor unit. These units are connected by refrigerant lines that run through your wall, but you do not have to have ducts with heat pumps. Instead, the air is distributed directly into your home. 

An HVAC technician will set up a heat pump to cool or heat one or up to five rooms in the home. This will depend on the size of the rooms and the heat pump itself. After a heat pump is installed, the outdoor unit will take heat energy from outside and disperse it into the home during the winter. During the summer, its reversing valve allows it to take heat from your home and release it out, keeping it cool.

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

We believe any home can benefit from a heat pump during the summer and the winter. Below are some of the many benefits of installing a heat pump system for your McGregor, TX home.

Flexible Placement

Due to their design, heat pumps can be placed in any room of the home, including add-on units such as ADUs or newly built rooms. This makes them the perfect cooling or heating system for homeowners who plan to add multiple rooms to the home or property owners with separate living areas outside the home. For instance, if you have a trailer unit or an outdoor office, heat pumps can also be installed in these types of dwellings reasonably quickly.

Save on Energy Costs

Because you have the option of cooling different rooms separately, this also means you won’t have to turn on your entire AC unit to cool a single room of the home. This allows you to cool down your home or heat a room individually, saving you energy costs in the long run.

Minimally Invasive

Many heat pumps are incredibly sleek units that don’t take up much wall space. Our HVAC technicians will allow you to choose different models of heat pumps that suit your home. Heat pumps can also be installed in a relatively small amount of time. They do not require ductwork to outfit your home with, and an Evergreen Heating and Cooling technician can set you up immediately.

Better Air Quality

Since there is the option for no ductwork and heat pumps use filters to cool your home, you can rest assured your air quality will improve significantly with heat pumps. Not only will you get the benefit of heat pump installation, but Evergreen Heating and Cooling can also provide tune-ups and maintenance for your heat pump to ensure your air filters are always clean and free of debris.

Why Choose Evergreen Heating and Cooling For Heat Pump Installation?

Evergreen Heating and Cooling has extensive years of experience as an HVAC company, and we only hire the best HVAC technicians to work for our clients in central Texas. We believe all homeowners should have access to a comfortable heating and cooling system and strive to provide timely services, affordable prices, and a combination of a wide range of heating and cooling services. Our customers love our ability to explain to them the process of installation and repairs every step of the way and trust our HVAC technicians to get the job done right.

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