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Evergreen is ready to handle all of your heating repair needs in McGregor, TX and the surrounding area. As a leader in the HVAC industry, we take pride in our reputation. Our goal is to treat every customer with the attention and care they deserve. When you need quality heating repair in McGregor, it’s time to contact Evergreen and see why homeowners trust our HVAC company with their heating needs.

Signs Your McGregor Heating System Needs Repair Services

The following signs indicate your McGregor heating system needs repair services:

No Heat in One or More Locations

When you are finding cold spots in your home with the heat on, you need to have your system serviced. As your heating system gets older, it can become less efficient and struggle to take care of your home’s heating needs.

System Runs Constantly

A constantly running system needs to be serviced immediately, as you are wasting energy trying to warm up your home. You may have an electrical problem or need to have your thermostat replaced.

Hearing Odd Noises (squealing/rumbling)

Squealing or rumbling noises coming from your heating system need to be inspected. Contact an HVAC company if you are hearing strange noises coming from your heating system.

Detection of a Funny Smell/Gas Odor

The smell of gas is not a good sign when it comes to your heating system. If you suspect that you have a gas leak, leave your home and call for an emergency repair. It is dangerous to remain in a home when there is a gas leak. 

System Cycles On and Off Rapidly

Rapid cycling occurs when your system keeps turning on and off without controlling the temperature in your home. You might have a dirty air filter or problems with the heat exchanger when this happens.

Blower Fan Continues to Run

If your blower fan won’t shut off, you could have wiring problems with your thermostat. A bad fan limit switch can also cause your blower fan to remain on.

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

It’s better to repair your heater when…

If your heating system is less than 10 years old, it is likely ready to be repaired instead of replaced. Small issues can occur over time, and it is common to need repairs periodically. When the repair is affordable, and you haven’t had to call for repairs often, it’s better to repair your heating system.

It’s better to replace your heater when…

When your heating repair needs continue to grow, you probably need to replace your heating system. If your system is more than 15 years old and is constantly breaking, it’s time to replace your existing system. Our technician will talk to you about the efficiency of your system and recommend a replacement if the system can’t be repaired. Look at your utility costs, and make sure your bills are skyrocketing. If this occurs, something is going on with your heating system.

Maintenance Contracts from Evergreen

When you enroll in one of our maintenance plans at Evergreen, you will know exactly what to expect when it comes to your HVAC system maintenance. You won’t have unexpected system expenses when it comes to your maintenance when you have a contract in place. It’s easier to budget for your maintenance and keep your system in top shape when you enroll in a maintenance program.

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For quality heating repairs in McGregor, TX and the surrounding area, it’s time to contact Evergreen. We have highly skilled technicians who are able to diagnose and repair any problems with your current heating system.

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