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Residents of Robinson, TX know that temperatures can change on a dime. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the Evergreen Heating, and Cooling HVAC professionals come to your home or business and ensure that everything is working properly with your heat pump.

Like you, our goal is to ensure your home is safe and comfortable to live in. We’ll make sure that your heat pump is working optimally and doesn’t need repair before the hottest or coldest days of the year arrive.

Our heating and cooling professionals have extensive experience and the best equipment to provide excellent heat pump repair services on every job. We will ensure that your heat pump system is working efficiently and not developing any problems that can end up being costly to repair. We’ll catch minor issues early to save money and keep you happier.

Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

Heat pumps are known to be very efficient. However, because they’re used all year long for both heating and cooling, they might occasionally experience some issues. Typically, some signs will show you that your heat pump system is developing problems – before they become larger issues.

You Hear Strange Noises

Your heat pump system may not be functioning optimally if you notice strange noises emanating from the unit or other components. Be mindful of dripping sounds, banging, clicking, or clunking because these can all indicate larger problems developing. While some sounds are expected, pay attention to the volume and consistency of the sounds.

The System is Not Cycling Properly

Short cycling is a common problem that we often encounter with heat pumps. It’s when a heat pump continues cycling on and off repetitively. It’s likely a problem with the thermostat or blower. Our HVAC experts have the necessary equipment to assess the situation accurately and promptly, helping you return to the level of comfort you desire.

You Notice Hot and Cold Zones

If you notice that some places in your home are warm and others are cool, it might mean your heat pump is not working efficiently. Reduced heat output is one sign that your blower may not be powerful enough to push the necessary amount of air through the system to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home.

You See Spikes in Monthly Bills

If you notice that your monthly heating bills are spiking without any obvious justification, it’s likely that your heat pump system is not running efficiently. That means that your heat pump is working harder and harder to maintain the temperature that you set on the thermostat. In a short time, it’s likely to cause damage to the system that’s costly to repair.

Your Heat Pump is Under 15 Years Old

One of the most obvious clues that your heat pump may need repair instead of being replaced is that it’s less than ten years old. Heat pumps typically last around 15 years, sometimes as long as 20 years. So, if your heat pump is not even 10 years old yet, it’s likely that it only requires repair and not a replacement. Remember that factors like who did the original installation and how often it was maintained play a role in how long a heat pump remains optimal.

If you’re unsure whether your heat pump needs a common repair, or a complete replacement, then just give us a call. We are here to answer your questions and provide excellent customer service now and in the future.

How Often Do Heat Pumps Require Maintenance?

While heat pumps are typically quite reliable and require less repair than furnaces, they still benefit greatly from routine maintenance and service. We recommend having your heat pump system tuned up twice yearly. 

Like a car or a boat, your heat pump will function more efficiently when it’s professionally tuned. And of course, that’s going to save you money on your monthly heating bills.

Why Should You Choose Evergreen Heating and Cooling in Robinson, TX?

Every team member at Evergreen Heating and Cooling consistently strives to deliver the best possible customer experience on every job. We have extensive hands-on experience and have honed our skills to provide superior craftsmanship.

Central Texas home and business owners trust us to deliver excellent products, professional service, prompt performance, and world-class customer service. You can count on our trained and certified technicians to find whatever problem your heat pump system is having and then offer honest advice about your options for repair or replacement.

Contact Evergreen for Heat Pump Repairs in Robinson, TX

We are fully dedicated to helping your home stay safe and comfortable all year long. When any heat pump issues arise, be sure to contact our team as quickly as possible.

For heat pump repair services that you can depend on, feel free to request service today. We are here when you need us and are always eager to help.


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