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Residents throughout Robinson, TX trust Evergreen with their heating repair needs. As a leader in the industry, Evergreen works hard to provide quality customer service to every customer that needs heating repair service. Our technicians are highly trained and ready to diagnose what is going on with your heating system in order to repair it. If you are looking for an HVAC company in Robinson, TX that you can build a relationship with, contact Evergreen today.

Types of Heating Systems Evergreen Repairs

At Evergreen, our technicians have the skill and experience you want when it comes to repairing heating systems. Our technicians are able to repair the following systems:


When you have a furnace to heat your home, our technicians are ready to diagnose and repair any problems it may experience. From replacing a thermostat, to repairing a blower, our heating and cooling technicians can repair your furnace with skill. If it becomes time to replace your furnace, our technician will talk to you about your options and can install a new furnace when you are ready.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home, making it an excellent system to install. If your heat pump breaks, our technicians have experience in figuring out what is going on to get your heat pump working again. Your heat pump should be serviced twice a year to optimize performance.

Ductless Mini-Splits

At Evergreen, our technicians can repair or replace your existing ductless mini-split system with ease. Ductless mini-splits make it easier to heat or cool hard-to-reach places in your home, as there is no ductwork needed to deliver hot or cold air.

Signs Your Robinson Heating System Needs Repair Services

Blower Fan Continues to Run

If your blower fan keeps running, your fan limit switch likely needs to be replaced. Problems with your thermostat wiring can also be the cause of a blower fan that won’t stop.

Detection of a Funny Smell/Gas Odor

Any gas odor coming from your heating system is an emergency, and you need to call for help immediately. Turn off your heat, and leave the home if you smell gas. Contact Evergreen when you smell strange odors coming from your heating system.

System Cycles On and Off Rapidly

If your system turns on and off all the time without warming up your home, this is called rapid cycling. Your heating system may not be able to get your temperature where you want it, or there is something going on preventing the system from running efficiently.

No Heat in One or More Locations

When you find a cold spot in your home while the heat is on, look to see if there are any blocked air vents. If your system can’t heat up your home adequately, it will need to be serviced. Efficiency of your heating system gets worse over time, and eventually it will need to be replaced. 

System Runs Constantly

If your heating system is running all the time, you are wasting money in utility costs. Your system will need to be serviced and could have a simple problem such as a broken thermostat.

Hearing Odd Noises (squealing/rumbling)

Whenever you hear strange noises coming from your heating system, it’s important to get these issues addressed. Squealing or rumbling can indicate any number of problems, and you will want a technician to come and investigate further.

Thermostat Not Working

If your thermostat stops working, a technician can come and replace your thermostat for you. While some people try to do the work on their own, it is worth it to have a technician do the work instead.

Maintenance Contracts from Evergreen

At Evergreen, we offer maintenance contracts to make it easier for you to stay on top of your HVAC service needs. When you know what to expect each year, it is possible to budget for routine maintenance. With our contract in place, you will be able to easily schedule maintenance, and you know how often your system has to be serviced. When your system gets the maintenance it needs, it is less likely to break down and need an emergency repair.

Contact Evergreen Today for Quality Heating Repairs in Robinson, TX

When you need quality heating repairs in Robinson, TX or the surrounding area, Evergreen is ready to take your call. We work hard to build relationships with our customers so you know who to trust when it comes to your heating repairs. Whether you need routine service, or you are having an HVAC emergency, it’s time to call Evergreen for quality heating repairs.

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