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Homeowners who need heat pump repair in Temple, Texas might have difficulty finding heat pump specialists they can count on. While many HVAC companies in central Texas offer heat pump repairs, the specialists from Evergreen Heating and Air are experienced, knowledgeable, and properly trained on virtually all makes and models. Heat pumps are unique appliances that require specialized knowledge and tools beyond conventional air conditioners and furnace systems.

When you hire Evergreen Heating and Air to repair your heat pump, our team will act quickly to provide you with the services you need, when you need them most. Our technicians will quickly diagnose your heat pump issue and provide you with the necessary repair. Get in contact with our team today to learn more about our heat pump repair services or to schedule an appointment for service. 

Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Repair Services

If you don’t know what to look for, it can be tough to identify when a heat pump is in need of repairs. Heat pump issues don’t go away on their own, and putting them off for too long will likely cause them to get worse. Don’t neglect your heat pump. If you notice any of the following issues, call Evergreen Heating and Air today for quick and reliable heat pump repair services. 

Rising Heating and Cooling Costs

If you notice a sudden spike in your heating and cooling bills, despite not seeing any dramatic changes in outside temperatures or your usage, your system might be experiencing issues. Heat pumps are typically very efficient when working properly so when something is broken, it will likely reflect the issue on your utility bills. Heat pump repairs can restore your system to peak performance condition, allowing it to once again only use as much energy as necessary to make your home comfortable. 

Can’t Reach the Temperature Set on Your Thermostat

Heat pumps can both heat and cool a home, so if your system is having trouble reaching the set temperature, make sure it’s set to “heat” or “cool”, depending on the season. If it’s set properly but your home still cannot reach the desired temperature, there may be an issue with your system. 

Strange Noises

Banging, rattling, hissing, grinding, or buzzing noises coming from your heat pump are reasons to be concerned. Many times noises indicate loose parts or connections. Turn your system off immediately to prevent connections from breaking entirely and causing more damage within your unit. Then, contact Evergreen for repairs.

Strong Odors

Musty odors can quickly lead to physical health issues, such as headaches or nausea. These smells often indicate that mold might be growing on your evaporator coils or within your ductwork. Odors like a fishy smell, burning, or sewer can indicate big problems like a gas leak or a mechanical issue. Don’t run a heat pump that is making your house smell bad, as it can lead to serious health issues. 

The Unit Won’t Turn On

Air filters are crucial parts of your heat pump system. When air filters become clogged with dust, pet hair, debris, and other contaminants, they can prevent fresh air from flowing into your system. If your heat pump won’t turn on and you can’t remember the last time you changed your air filter, replace the filter. You can buy most air filters at your local hardware store. If you’ve changed the air filter and the system still isn’t running properly, call the professional HVAC technicians at Evergreen Heating and Air to schedule service.

Prevent Future Furnace Issues With Maintenance Services

While maintenance can’t guarantee that you’ll never need another heat pump repair, scheduling a tune-up is a great way to make sure your system is ready for the many months of heating or cooling ahead. Your system’s manufacturer likely recommends heat pump maintenance services in the late spring and again in the fall. Professional heat pump maintenance gives you the best method to protect your system, comfort, and finances.

Heat pumps require semi-annual maintenance because they provide both heating and cooling. Typically, you would have services performed on your heat pump before the summer months and before winter arrives. January and February can be very cold, and you want to know that your unit is going to work well during that time. But that’s also true in July and August when it’s the hottest outside and you want to be cool and comfortable in your home. Schedule your semi-annual maintenance appointment with Evergreen.

Why Trust Evergreen Heating and Air for Heat Pump Repairs?

Heat pump repair from Evergreen Heating and Air is just what you need to keep your system running efficiently and your home comfortable. We’re proud to serve the residents of Temple, TX, and we’ll do everything we can to earn your complete trust and satisfaction. Whenever heat pump issues arise, count on the experts at Evergreen for fast, reliable, and effective repair services in Temple, TX.

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