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What Are the Benefits of a Custom HVAC System?

Homeowners in Central Texas have many options when it comes to installing new heating and cooling equipment and which HVAC contractor to use. When you select standard units for installation, you won’t always be able to find the best fit for your home and family. Custom HVAC system design and installation provide a total package tailored to your home and household – the pros at Evergreen Heating and Cooling explain the benefits of going with a custom heating and air conditioning system for your family’s indoor comfort needs.

Benefits of Custom HVAC System Installation

Installing a custom HVAC system in your residence provides the best comfort coverage possible for your home. Below, you’ll find the top advantages you gain when you choose to pursue custom HVAC design and installation.

1. A Perfect Fit for Your Home

No two homes or households are exactly identical, which means your heating and air conditioning needs aren’t the same as everyone else’s. There are many factors that go into designing custom HVAC systems for homes. Sizing equipment based on square footage or heating load alone just won’t cut it when it comes to achieving the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency.

Designing a custom HVAC system for your home considers four critical elements of your home which will impact the function and performance of any new heating and cooling equipment installed. These include:

  • Heating load, which is determined by performing a Manual J calculation.
  • Home performance, which is analyzed through various tests including blower door tests, thermal tests, and combustion safety testing.
  • Ductwork and airflow, which is assessed through inspection of the duct system and conducting airflow measurements.
  • Indoor air quality, which is evaluated by performing an air quality analysis.

Completing the various testing and assessments mentioned above provides your heating and cooling contractor a complete picture of the home’s comfort needs, infrastructure quality, and performance. A custom HVAC system is designed to work optimally according to the home’s performance and distribution system. Overall, the new system will offer ideal comfort throughout the year, with all influencing factors considered.

2. Improved Energy Use & Savings

Because custom HVAC unit design is so comprehensive, these tailored heating and cooling systems offer the best performance a homeowner could ask for. Your heating and cooling professional has selected equipment that will work optimally according to the specifics of your home so that you are able to minimize energy waste and improve overall efficiency. Optimizing performance with custom HVAC systems helps homeowners achieve long-term savings with lower energy bills each month of the year.

3. A Healthier Indoor Environment

A custom system is designed to minimize air quality issues found within a home to deliver a cleaner, healthier indoor environment for the occupants. These systems are designed to eliminate the home’s ventilation deficits for optimal air exchange, control indoor relative humidity levels to avoid problems related to high and low moisture levels in the air, and remove particle pollution from the HVAC unit and living space.

The end result is a heating and cooling solution that not only keeps your family comfortable temperature wise, but will greatly improve indoor air quality.

Custom HVAC System Installation in Waco, TX

Evergreen Heating and Cooling offers custom HVAC unit design and installation for homeowners in Waco, TX and the surrounding Central Texas communities. We also have the highest quality HVAC equipment and HVAC products available. Improve your indoor comfort experience with a custom design heating and cooling system tailored to your home – contact our team today to learn more.

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