How Does a Heat Pump Provide AC?

As a homeowner in 2022, you are constantly bombarded with the “next best thing” as it relates to your home. From smart doorbells to key-less entries, who can keep up!

At Evergreen Heating and Cooling, we are at the forefront of making your home an optimal living space, no matter the time of the year. One of our favorite devices to keep your home comfortable and efficient all year long is a heat pump. Newer to the scene than other HVAC units, heat pumps are taking over the state in popularity.

Do Heat Pumps Provide AC?

Unlike the name suggests, a heat pump is a specialized unit that allows for both heating and cooling! This makes it the ultimate heating and cooling system for homeowners in Texas.

However, the benefits of heat pumps do not stop there.

Benefits of Heat Pump Systems

Increased Energy Efficiency

Right off the bat, homeowners will typically notice the increased efficiency a heat pump system brings to their system compared to a traditional AC or Furnace. Bringing rooms to the correct temperature faster allows you to spend more time in your home comfortably.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

If you are someone who is constantly worried about the impact their home is making on the environment, then a heat pump is right for you! They help to cut down your overall emissions which in turn, helps out the environment.

Longer Life-span

Compared to more traditional heating and cooling systems, heat pumps have better longevity. Meaning they will usually continue to run optimally for years and years.

Utilizing a trusted HVAC company’s maintenance program is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your heat pump for as long as you can.

Improve Overall Health and Comfort

Having the addition of a heat pump in your home does more than just provide efficient heating and cooling. It can truly elevate the time you spend with loved ones inside of your home. Heat pumps for one are extremely quiet. Meaning that you will no longer have to constantly live with the loud sounds that traditionally come from older models.

Alongside the level of comfort it brings, it also helps to improve the indoor air quality. They use complex filters to help rid the air of unwanted dust and danders. Which can help improve allergies from getting too serious.

Improved Safety

While the safety of your heating and cooling systems is something that is often overlooked, the increased safety of a heat pump is another great selling point. Heat pumps are generally safer than combustion-based heating systems. They rely on electricity and do not burn fuel, something that is inherently dangerous to do.

If you have small children or are just generally concerned about your home’s safety and well-being, then a heat pump could help tackle those issues.

Is A Heat Pump Right for Me?

If you already own air conditioners, it can be hard to want to make the switch. However, after seeing all of the benefits of utilizing heat pumps as your primary heating and cooling equipment, it is hard to say a heat pump isn’t for everyone.

Whether your Texas home is big or small, it still has to deal with the extreme climates we experience every season. This is why we recommend a heat pump for any home in Texas that wants to reap the many rewards that come with them. 

If you are ready to have a new heat pump installed in your Texas home, do it with a company you can trust: Evergreen Heating and Cooling.

Why Work With Evergreen Heating and Cooling

When you are dealing with something as important to your life as your home, you can’t trust just anyone with it. At Evergreen, we have been working in the Waco area for years and have pleased its residents since we started.

We take your home’s comfort as seriously as you do and work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied when the job is done.

Contact us Today for Heat Pump Services

If you are interested in combining your heating and cooling into a single powerful system, give us a call today to improve upon your current air conditioning and heating system!

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