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What Are Some Common Heat Pump Noises?

Whether it is a new install or a dated model, heat pumps are known to make some loud noises, but what do they mean? From grinding and gurgling, to humming and hissing, it may seem like your heat pump is trying to tell you something.

Keep reading our most recent blog to find out what your heat pump is saying to you, and contact Mission Mechanical to help repair your noisy heat pump!

Normal Heat Pump Noises

Much like your refrigerator or hot water tank, a constant sound comes from the heat pump when it is in operation. Let’s go over some of the sounds that you may hear from your heat pump and what they mean.

Start up and Shut down

One of the most common times you will hear noises emitting from your heat pump is when it is starting and shutting down. These sounds are completely normal and to be expected. However, the sounds should only last a minute or two, so pay attention to the duration of the noise.

Clicking Noise

A clicking sound is often heard when a heat pump is starting up or shutting down. Common reasons for a clicking sound are the metal components contracting or a relay switch operating. These sounds shouldn’t be an issue as long as they are not continuing for a long period of time.


Like many household appliances, there can be a light hum or buzz that comes from your heat pump. While the heat pump is in operation, there are dozens of different internal electrical bits that may make a low humming noise when they are receiving energy.

Heat Pumps are sophisticated pieces of electrical machinery that feature a lot of moving parts, so it should come as no surprise that some sounds are expected. 

Worrisome Heat Pump Noises

While many of these sounds are completely normal and should not raise any red flags, some sounds are not quite as common. Here are some of the most common sounds from your heat pump that you do not want to come across.

Hissing Noise

Hearing a hissing sound coming from your heat pump generally only means one thing: a refrigerant leak. If you are able to hear the hiss of a leak, contact an HVAC company immediately.

Loud Buzzing/Humming

Hearing a buzzing/humming sound from your heat pump unit can be confusing. While the sound is normal during startup and shut down, the longer and louder you hear it, the worse it is. When dealing with these sounds, execute caution and be aware of the volume and duration of the sound.

Grinding Sound

One of the easier sounds to notice, loud grinding noises, are also almost never a good sign. Typically, a grinding noise implies that there is a part within the machine that needs lubrication. If left untreated, the sound will continue to get louder and more shrill, which may lead to damage to the machine.

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Heat Pumps are great pieces of technology that will continue to be effective at heating and cooling your home for years to come. Make sure your heat pump is functioning properly by noticing uncommon noises and acknowledging when it might need maintenance or repair service! If your heat pump is making noises, reach out to the HVAC technicians at Mission Mechanical right away.

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