At What Temperature Range Does a Heat Pump Become Ineffective?

Heat pumps are among the most effective, efficient, and reliable types of HVAC systems available today. Due to their simple operation, they can provide homeowners with comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills than other types of heating systems. However, when outdoor temperatures drop below a certain point, a heat pump will no longer be able to provide a home with warm air.

In Evergreen Heating and Air’s latest blog post, we’ll discuss how heat pumps work, the temperature ranges in which they’re effective, and what you can do when the outdoor air temperature drops too low.

A Heat Pump’s Effective Temperature Range

A typical heating system will rely on an energy source, such as gas or electricity, to produce heat. A heat pump works by transferring heat to and from the home, rather than creating heat as furnaces and boilers do. Even when the weather outside is cold, there is still heat energy in the air that heat pump systems can use to warm up your home.

However, when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing (32°F), there isn’t enough heat energy in the air to bring heat indoors. This means that at 32°F and below, you’ll need a supplemental heating system to keep your home warm.

What to Do When Temperatures Drop Below Freezing

With the installation of any heat pump, you’ll also need to install a supplement heating system, such as a furnace, if you don’t currently have one in place. When temperatures dip below freezing, your secondary heating system will automatically turn on and begin to heat your home.

You can identify when your secondary heat source is running by checking your thermostat. The thermostat will read “AUX”, “AUX HEAT ON”, or something similar to let you know that the secondary heat source has kicked on.

If the supplemental system doesn’t automatically turn on, your thermostat should have an emergency heating setting that can be turned on. This should only be done in emergencies, and you should contact your HVAC company promptly to diagnose why the system didn’t turn on automatically and to have any necessary repairs performed.

The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

If your home uses a heat pump, you probably know that the system is responsible for providing a home with both heating and cooling. This means that the system runs nearly all year long. As such, maintenance is essential in order to repair any minor issues and keep the system running smoothly. Ideally, this should be performed during the spring and fall months before you switch the heat pump over to cooling and heating, respectively.

A lack of maintenance can cause smaller issues to grow and even lead to a complete system breakdown if neglected for too long. By providing your system with semi-annual maintenance, you’ll restore heat pump efficiency and overall effectiveness. Enrolling in a maintenance plan is a great way to ensure you receive maintenance on time.

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