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How Often Should a Gas Furnace Be Serviced?

Gas furnaces exist to heat your home up when the fall and winter months come and the temperatures drop. The best way to ensure that your gas furnace is ready for the many months of heating ahead is to schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance service. However, how often should your gas furnace be serviced, and when is the best time to have it serviced? 

In the newest blog from Evergreen, we’ll tackle these questions and more. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Annual Gas Furnace Maintenance

Fewer Breakdowns

When you schedule gas furnace service, any minor issues will be inspected and resolved before they grow and even cause system breakdowns. Additionally, if your system is inspected and any larger issues are discovered, they can be repaired before a complete breakdown occurs. You can have confidence that your gas furnace will effectively heat your home all winter long when you schedule furnace maintenance service.

Reduced Heating Costs

Furnace service helps to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your unit. The longer that your furnace must stay on in order to heat your home to the temperature you’ve set, the higher that your heating bills will rise. Furnace service will help your system heat your home quicker and more effectively, reducing your overall heating bills. 

Lengthened System Lifespan

Furnaces typically last 12-15 years. With consistent maintenance, however, units will often reach 15 years of age or even more. To keep your heating system effective for a longer period of time, ensure that you’re having maintenance performed consistently.

How Often Your Gas Furnace Should Be Serviced

While some might recommend having your gas furnace serviced twice a year, only one tune-up is necessary per year. During your service, your HVAC technician will catch any issues that might cause problems such as system breakdowns or inefficient heating. 

Rather than having your gas furnace serviced again at the end of the heating season, you can simply wait until the beginning of the next heating season to have your furnace serviced.

When Should Your Gas Furnace Be Serviced?

Typically, a furnace should have preventative maintenance performed at the beginning of the heating season before the unit’s first use of the year. Servicing your furnace before using it will ensure that it’s ready to start and that it will be reliable for the many months of heating ahead. 

While many homeowners choose to have their furnace serviced at the end of the heating season as well, it’s typically not necessary. As long as the furnace is serviced again at the beginning of the next cooling season, only a single gas furnace service is needed per year.

Contact Evergreen To Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance in Waco, TX

Before the cold weather arrives and you begin to once again rely on your gas furnace to heat your home, provide it with the annual maintenance that it needs. Having your furnace serviced annually will ensure that any minor issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Evergreen is the team of furnace experts that your home can depend on with all of your HVAC needs. Contact us today to schedule gas furnace tune-up service in Waco, TX.

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