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Why Is One Room in My House Colder Than the Rest?

When colder temperatures arrive in Waco, TX and heating systems are steadily in use, it’s possible you may notice some comfort issues in your home. A common issue we hear is that one room in a house is colder than the rest. This can certainly be a distressing issue, especially if you struggle to pinpoint the cause. Evergreen Heating & Cooling explains why cold spots may occur in a house and what can be done to end them.

Reasons Why One Room Is Colder Than the Rest

Cold spots in various areas of the home can be the result of several issues. Let’s take a look at the common causes at play when one room in a house is colder than the rest, as well as what can be done to bring that space up to a comfortable temperature that’s even with your other living spaces.

Closed or Blocked Registers

Every supply vent in the house should be open and unobstructed so that heat can freely flow into the space. It’s easy for floor vents to become blocked by rugs, large furniture, and other items. If you have louvered vent covers, the slats may become stuck in the closed position which blocks heat from entering the room.

Whenever you notice that one room is colder than the rest, the first thing you want to do is check all the vents. Make sure vent louvers are open, if applicable – if they are stuck closed or partially open, remove the vent cover and clean it, as this may free up the jam. If it doesn’t, replace the vent cover. If there are items sitting atop a vent or right in front of it, relocate these pieces so they do not restrict heat flow into the room.

Also, make sure the return air vent is not obstructed so that air can easily flow back to the heating system as needed. If the return air vent is dirty, remove it and clean it so dirt and grime doesn’t cause an obstruction.

Duct Flaws

It is common for rooms that are the farthest away from the furnace or heating unit to have cold spots. This is a sign that your HVAC system is not balanced. Long duct runs tend to lose heat energy as air moves from the heating unit to the space simply because there is a long distance to travel. When one room is colder than the rest but the room in question is not farthest away from your heater, duct leaks in the supply run sending heat to that space could be causing the problem. As much as 30 percent of the heat created by your HVAC system could be leaking out before reaching its destination.

When the room that is colder than the others is the longest distance away from the heater, duct renovations may be in order. Work with skilled HVAC professionals who can determine the right solutions to eliminate this cold spot, which may involve installing new ducts, adding vents, or other measures.

If you suspect a duct leak is causing this issue, duct sealing can typically take care of this problem. Ducts are difficult to nearly impossible to access on your own, depending on their placement, so it can be hard to patch them yourself from the outside. HVAC professionals know how to test your ducts and pinpoint leaks, as well as seal them using fast and efficient methods.

End Cold Spots Today with Evergreen Heating & Cooling

When one room in your house is colder than the rest, don’t settle for discomfort and uneven temperatures. Evergreen Heating & Cooling has the professional solutions you need to balance your HVAC system and keep temperatures steady across the entire home. Contact us today to learn more.

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