Signs Your AC Has a Bad Capacitor

Your air conditioner’s capacitor plays a vital role in the overall performance of the system. Responsible for helping the AC unit start quickly and efficiently, a well-functioning capacitor is essential for reliable cooling. But when the capacitor starts to fail, it can lead to various problems that affect the air conditioner’s performance.

The latest blog post from Evergreen Heating & Air discusses what AC capacitors do and the most common symptoms of a bad AC capacitor. Read more below and contact our team to schedule AC services in Waco, TX.

What Does an AC Capacitor Do?

The main purpose of an air conditioner capacitor is to store and release electrical energy to power the motor that drives the compressor, fan, and other essential components of the AC system.

The capacitor acts as a temporary power storage unit for the HVAC system, providing the air conditioner with the necessary electricity for the startup phase of the cooling process. When the air conditioner is turned on, the capacitor releases a high-voltage jolt to the compressor and fan motors, helping them start. This initial burst of energy ensures the startup process is smooth and efficient.

Beyond the initial startup, the AC capacitor also helps maintain a stable voltage supply to the motors, ensuring consistent performance. It acts as a buffer, absorbing and supplying electrical energy as needed. This helps prevent voltage fluctuations that could potentially damage the motors or other sensitive components of the AC unit.

Over time, AC capacitors can degrade or fail due to factors like age, heat exposure, power surges, or manufacturing defects. Inspect your air conditioner for the signs of a failing capacitor below, and contact a professional HVAC company for services if you notice any issues.

Bad AC Capacitor Symptoms

When the AC’s capacitor is bad, you might notice a variety of different symptoms. Not all of these issues definitely point to signs of a faulty capacitor, but these are some of the most common signs that your air conditioner capacitor is struggling. Having Evergreen troubleshoot the issues your AC unit is experiencing will determine the cause. 

A Lack of Cold Air

A faulty AC capacitor prevents your system from running as intended. As a result, the compressor may struggle to start or fail to operate at its full capacity. This can lead to a lack of cold air being circulated throughout the space. You may notice either warm air coming from your vents, or a complete lack of any air circulating throughout the home.

Rising Energy Bills

A bad AC capacitor affects the system’s ability to efficiently keep your home cool, resulting in higher energy costs. A failing AC capacitor is unable to provide the necessary electrical boost to properly start the compressor and fan motors, placing additional stress on the air conditioner and causing it to work harder.

Loud Humming Noise Coming from the System

Humming noises might come from your air conditioner when electrical arcing occurs within the capacitor, indicating a breakdown of the internal components. This is typically one of the beginning signs that your AC capacitor is beginning to fail.

The AC Doesn’t Turn on Immediately

An AC capacitor in good condition will help your system start quickly and efficiently. A delay in the AC startup process can signal a problem with the capacitor. When you turn on the AC, the capacitor provides the necessary electrical boost to start the compressor and fan motors. However, if the capacitor is faulty or weak, it may struggle to deliver the required energy, resulting in a delayed startup of the system.

The System Won’t Start

In the most severe cases, a bad capacitor may prevent the AC system from starting altogether. This can quickly become an emergency, as your home will be left without cool air until the issue is resolved. 

The capacitor plays a crucial role in starting the cooling process, as it provides the initial electrical surge needed to start the motors. If the capacitor has completely failed, the air conditioner may not respond when you attempt to run a new cooling cycle.

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