Duct sealing

What is Duct Sealing?

Did you know that roughly 20-30% of heated or cooled air is lost because of leaks and holes within ductwork? If your home is like many that deal with leaky air ducts, you’re likely spending much more to heat and cool your home than you should. 

Duct sealing provides an answer by sealing off any holes or leaks within your home’s air ducts. Because even the smallest of holes can lead to a significant rise in your energy bills, it’s important to catch leaky ducts before they put a bigger dent in your wallet.

How Does Air Duct Sealing Work?

A number of solutions and methods can be utilized to seal a home’s ducts. Depending on the size and location of the leak, you may have a couple of options to choose from. Popular duct sealing solutions include duct sealing tape and duct sealant.

Duct tape is the less messy and easier option for DIY projects, but it usually will not last as long as duct sealant will. Duct sealant is the more effective option, but trying to do it on your own can be tricky. It’s recommended that you get in touch with a professional to inspect your ducts and perform duct sealing.

Signs That You Have Duct Leaks

Rising Energy and Utility Bills

The first sign of leaky air ducts that you’ll likely notice is rising energy bills. Because some of your heated or cooled air isn’t reaching the intended areas of your home, your heating and air conditioning system will need to produce more air in order to help your home reach the set temperature. The longer that your HVAC system runs, the higher your energy bills will rise.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

If some rooms are reaching the set temperature while others struggle to get any heating or cooling at all, there’s likely a leak in your air ducts that needs to be addressed immediately. Having your ducts sealed will help all areas of your home reach even and consistent temperatures.

An Increase in Dust

Every home accumulates dust, so a normal amount of dust is nothing to worry about. However, an increase in dust can signal that dust is creeping into your air ducts and being distributed throughout your home. By sealing air ducts, you’ll eliminate air leaks and the dust’s point of access to significantly cut down on the amount of dust throughout the house. This can significantly improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Rooms Feel Stuffy

Your heating and AC systems are responsible for improving the air quality within your home, in addition to providing warm or cool air. If rooms within your home feel stuffy or have poor air quality, you likely have leaky ductwork that needs to be sealed.

Contact Evergreen Heating and Cooling for Duct Sealing Services

Don’t lose conditioned air in your home! Leaks in your duct system can lead to a number of issues, so it’s important that you act quickly upon noticing any issues. When you need a team of professionals to call on for duct sealing services, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment with Evergreen Heating and Cooling. We’ll provide your home with the attention and service that you deserve.

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